Outdoor Education Masters Portfolio

This web-based outdoor education masters portfolio is in fulfillment of the requirements for the Masters in Outdoor Education program at Southern Adventist University. You may navigate each section using the menu bar under “Teacher and Administrator” or by following the links at the end of each page. The purpose of the portfolio is to demonstrate my knowledge and skills as an outdoor educator. Also, this portfolio will show my commitment to outdoor education. Finally, two resumes are included, one each for my teaching and fly fishing careers.

Outdoor Education Masters Portfolio Design

There are five sections in this outdoor education masters portfolio. The first section will demonstrate my commitment as a member of the outdoor education learning community. Next, the second section will demonstrate my commitment to students and learning. The third section will demonstrate that I am knowledgeable about nature and methods to facilitate learning. The fourth section will demonstrate my ability to develop, assess, and lead in curriculum planning. Lastly, the fifth section will show how I reflect on my practice and experience as an outdoor educator and learn from each of these experiences.

David Knapp, author of the outdoor education masters portfolio found here
About David Knapp

I graduated with a mathematics degree from Southern Adventist University in December of 2008. Since then, I have taught math and history, been a Vice Principal for Academics, and moved from traditional education to working as a fly fishing guide with my own business, Trout Zone Anglers. Most recently, beginning in January of 2017, I began work on my Masters in Outdoor Education at Southern Adventist University. Set to graduate in May 2018, I am excited to apply everything I have learned in the Outdoor Education Program in my guide business and beyond as God sees fit to lead.

Outdoor Education Masters Portfolio Sections